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We devote our work and effort into improving quality of life for all people of the world by promoting economic policies that help people and serve the greater good.

John H. Early
Growth Expert

I Am John Early, A Registered Investment Advisor Since 1991, And Studied Economics At Vanderbilt University. After Thirty Years Of Investment Advising, I Have Decided To Shift My Focus Towards Improving Everybody’s Wellbeing Through Educating The World On Tax Policies That Encourage Economic Growth. Tax Policy Should Be Used To Promote A Strong Economy That Will Fulfill The Needs And Wants Of Everyone In A Country, While Also Leaving People Free To Live Their Lives As They See Fit. And Over The Last Three Decades I’ve Studied What Were The Major Influences On The Economy And The Financial Markets. And Now I Aim To Inform The People On My Findings And Where The Biggest Correlation Between Influence And The Actual Result In Our Economy Meet. I Am The Author Of Put Money In Your Pocket – Vote To Double Your Income, Build The Middle Class And Make The 21st Century An American Century Where I Fully Illustrate What True Economic Growth Could Look Like And How We Get There As A Country.