Put Money in your pocket - john early

Put Money in Your Pocket maps the path to national prosperity. It exposes the lies that tricked voters to favor: stagnate wages, weak growth, asset bubbles that pop, decades of trade deficits and unsustainable budget deficits. The book will encourage those creating great wealth. The takers, those wealthy who consume way more than they produce, will dread the fact based conclusions.

We live in an age of huge wage gaps. We want CEOs to treat workers and pay them more to distribute everyone’s piece of the pie more evenly. And in this book I dive deep into the tax policies that promote that. They are policies that go hand and hand with economic growth and its actually the opposite of what the elites and major media outlets push as “pro growth tax policies” This book focuses on solving problems with facts not theories. And there’s only one way we can do this, working together and voting for the prosperity of everyone.