The Ultimate Game of Congressional Chicken

Congress has Constitutional authority to spend money and borrow against the credit of the United States Government to fulfill its role of enabling life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In recent decades borrowing when the debt bumps up against the debt ceiling has devolved into a game of chicken where the political parties put […]

How Economic Greed is Destroying America

The progressive income tax checks the greed that hoards income and chocks prosperity. How do we know this? For starters our strongest forty year period of US GDP growth roughly coincides with the highest forty year average top tax rate. Since Republicans started cutting the top tax rate in 1981 we have had the weakest […]

Republicans and Our Economy

Republicans love to believe they are good for the economy. In the private sector I believe they are. Most of the Republicans I know are dedicated workers or contentious business people. Somehow this pro-business attitude that makes them good for the economy in the private sector appears to harm growth when Republicans gain political power […]

Don’t Fear Inflation!

The July inflation number that came out Wednesday morning gives me a chance to soothe any fears that inflation or monetary policy is behind our weak growth in the last thirty years or indicates an ominous future.  Understanding the impact of inflation and monetary policy will help us not be distracted from the fiscal policy […]

Government: In Your Way or Has Your Back?

Government’s role in the economy stirs great controversy. Does the government help or diminish prosperity? Does it mess up incentive in the marketplace or help align incentive with the well being of society? Does it feed the excesses that lead to recessions or throttle them and prolong expansions? Ideology or even logic and reason by […]

The Next Giant Step in Recovery

We can get back to an economy where most people think the country is on track if the easiest way to build after tax wealth is to run businesses that serve others. Wealth can be built tax free or tax deferred within such a business. This productive tax avoidance is rocket fuel for growth. Before […]

Importance of Fiscal Power

Americans believe the nation has been on the wrong track for decades. The economy grew at a slower pace the last forty years than any forty year period since 1939. America remains one of the most prosperous countries in the world, but our share of the world economy continues declining. The share of the US […]